◼About company “Tabi-job”

Established by former practitioner fom two different business sector – securities and trading by using “Deep Local” as the
core keyword.

Coincidentally these two person have left the company which they have worked for 7 years on the same day, wondering “There
should be countless opportunities in the rural area of Japan! If people can have “Localized” and “Deep” experience during
their travel, the trip will be a lot more fun! their opinion went out same so the company was born.

Immediately after their start-up, Matsuba went to the UK for his MBA, Fujita wandered alone in Asia and Africa like a backpacker,
such a weired company. However, just because they have visited different places across the world, so they can discover “The
goodness of rural areas which cannot be found in day-to-day life” and create experiences out from there. Rather than creating
a service from nothing, we tend to explore deep into the unique experiences which can only be experiecned at that place.

◼Our customer base and service

Opened for two years, after numerous attempts, turned out 90% of our customers are non-Japanese travellers.

But why?

“Because the overseas travellers would find the uniqueness of Japanese region interesting” we guess that is the reason.

Nowadays urbanisation is in every country and everywhere is becoming more alike, so the uniqueness of rural areas is increasingly

In this condition our company, Would like to provide the foreign travellers coming to Japan experiencial services centered
the Hida region.

For example,
・Cooking class using the raw materials freshly purchased from morning market
・Using the almost extinguished Japanese Kamado to cook rice then taste local dishes for lunch or dinner
・Use the local Japanese wine to do blind wine tasting
・The sole gardening experience in Japan
(・Residential experience in Shirakawa-go, village with 300-400 years hisory)
…etc, we have prepared all these sorts of unique experience.

■Business Concept

Provide Amazing expereience to travellers across the world while staying in Japan, resulted in “Experience which want to
share with familes and friends in sipte of oneself” in that way, our service is highly appreciated by various customers.

In modern Japan, society is filled by terms like “Inbound” and “regional re-creation”, leading to temporary foam-like trending,
・Outsiders use subsidies for consultation
・Local government continue to promote the region without understanding the exact situation
Those behaviours will result in regional exhausion.

Eventually the nature of the problem is, how the local people want their region to be? “Children want to return to their
place grown up to obtain employment after knowing the rest of the world!” building a society which will make them think that
way is the target of our company.


Solve the current social problem through “travel” and “entertainment”

Business concept

Create “experience & environment” which can enrich way of life

We would like to continue to attempt thousand times
and provide services which will remain inside customer’s soul.