In HYOBODO, you can choose a glass you like (made in New Zealand), and decorate abalone shells on it. Before you finish it, you have to be very concentrated. It often happens that you suddenly realize how time flies when you come back to yourself. You will have indescribable touched feeling when you get your finished artwork. Do you have interest in experiencing it with the traditional artisans?

Price: ¥15,000〜

The combination of Traditional and modern handicrafts

Due to the combination of traditional and modern technics, many fantastic accessories are also developed.

The experience activities in HYOBODO show the scene of modern and make a flexible use of traditional technics.

You may choose the glass you like (shochu, wine, or sake glass) and decorate the colorful shell pieces on the glass as you design.

More and more people choose glass as a wedding giveaway or gift. Do you want to make a beautiful glass by yourself?

Customer Reviews

Surprising experience!!

During the experience course, Ms. Shimamoto and Mr. Sugimoto both taught me in person, so even I could make a beautiful artwork. They also explained many of the traditional handicrafts articles and introduced a variety of repaired artworks to me. I was very happy and surprised when I noticed the time had flown. I would like to come back again with friends.  

Twenties, Female, Hyogo

Satisfied beyond expectation

Seeing the Kyoto lacquerware on the net, I got interested in it and wanted to try it by myself. When holding the artwork made by myself, I think it is much more delicate and beautiful than it looks on the net.

Because the pleasant atmosphere in the experience, I enjoy it a lot and can’t wait for the finished artwork.

Twenties, Female, Osaka

Lacquer and glass?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the combination of lacquer and glass at the first time. I am happy to learn that after Ms. Shimamoto’s explanation. No matter it is as a wedding gift to parents or a souvenir of couple trip, I super recommend experiencing it personally. I want to try a different design next time.

Twenties, Female, Kyoto


・There are many kinds of artwork experience activities in Kyoto Machiya workshop.
・The skilled artisan will give you a professional instruction.
・The skilled artisan will lacquer your artwork afterward and send the finished artwork to your place.
・You can hear the information only Kyoto locals know.







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