No matter in Japan or abroad, Kyoto is quite a popular tourist resort and it is also the birthplace of Kyo-yuzen dyeing. It's a great opportunity to experience the fun of Kyo-yuzen dyeing under the skilled artisan, Mr. Nishimura's professional instruction and it will absolutely increase the richness of your trip.

Price: ¥13,500〜

Feature of Kyo-yuzen dyeing

Feature of Kyo-yuzen dyeing:

Kyo-yuzen dyeing is invented in Genroku era over 300 years before.

Kyo-yuzen is named after the founder and has expanded from Kyoto to the whole country, and Ishigawa Kaga is the most representative among all.

Marumasu-Nishimuraya is started in 1905 and has hundred years of history. Started with painted fabric and cloth dyeing, Mr. Nishimura always wants to promote the technique of Kyo-yuzen dyeing to the world. The third generation of Nishiyama once said, I hope more and more people in the world know about Kyo-yuzen dyeing. Therefore, he thought maybe hands-on experience is a good beginning. He then transformed his inheritance cloth dyeing industry to Kyo-Yuzen Workshop.

In order to make more people feel touched by Kyo-yuzen dyeing, Nishimura workshop has cooperated with our company, hoping more and more people know and learn the technique of Kyo-yuzen dyeing. That is how this professional course came up.

Customer Reviews

A worthy experience in your journey!

At the beginning, I thought there were not many choices to experience Kyo-yuzen dyeing. I am so happy to have so many clothes and materials I can choose freely.

During the experience course, we used many kinds of patterns and dyestuffs. The shade is beyond my imagination and I had so much fun doing this. The staff is very patient and nice to give us introduction such as the use of pen and so on.

This is different from the normal experience course; travel-job indicates to experience professional artisan’s job. I can not only visit the workshop but also have conversation with the third generation Mr. Nishimura. It is not just only the experience but a great opportunity knowing the traditional culture. Very great!

Next to the workshop, there is a souvenir shop which is very lovely. I think it is super recommended to add this experience course in Kyoto traveling schedule.

Twenties, Female, Kyoto

An addictive and interesting experience

I thought Kyo-yuzen dyeing is a high level course at the beginning. There are many kinds of experience sets you can choose even the materials. The professional artisans would give you instruction and most of the time, I am fascinated.

Since I grew up, I was not addicted in doing one thing and unaware of the time for a long while. I had spent a very meaningful time in this experience.

It’s a very rare opportunity to hear precious suggestion from famous and professional artisan of Kyo-yuzen dyeing.

This time, I made a cushion as a gift for my mother. I thought the Kyo-yuzen dying fabric could not be washed, but it can! It is totally okay to wash it with water.

Twenties, Female, Hyogo

One-hundred-year history of Kyo-yuzen dyeing

・Over one-hundred-year transitional technique and experience
・Exclusive workshop is open to pubic
・Opportunity to make your original artwork with experienced artisan in our workshop







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